Trophy Winners

   The Redwing Cup: Sophie Scott and Guiness  

Reserve Champion: Kirsty Ure and Easy as Pie

Dressage Cup:
Mel Donald and Fordesdale Celtic Flame

The above were judged on points gained over the whole show for the Cup
and for the most points in the Dressage classes.

Redwing Shield:
Lesley Carnegie and Silver Fox Banais
Rider over forty with most points.

Veteran Champion:
Silver Fox Banais with Lesley Carnegie

The Dana Petroleum Trophy: Sophie Scott and Guiness
Donated by Dana Petroleum for the best young rider.

The Reuben Memorial Trophy: Redwing Zoot
ridden by Cara Mathers.
Donated by Mrs. Sara Ashton for the best small pony.

Redwing Fancy Dress Medal:
Jessie McLean and Westside Ros

Ebony Cup: Cara Mathers and Zoot
Redwing School Rider with most points.

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