Trophy Winners

   The Redwing Cup:
Ellie Oakey and Redwing Hamish  

Dressage Cup:
Ashleigh Paterson and Bertie

   The above were judged on points gained over the whole show   
for the Cup and for the most points in the Dressage classes.

Redwing Shield:
Karen Bayliss and Jerry
Rider over forty with most points.

The Falla Trophy for the Veteran Champion:

The Dana Petroleum Trophy:
Katie McIntosh and Skye

Donated by Dana Petroleum for the best young rider.

The Reuben Memorial Trophy:
Silver ridden by Kara Smith.
Donated by Mrs. Sara Ashton for the best small pony.

Redwing Fancy Dress Medal:
Emily Petrie and Beano

The next two trophies were donated to be awarded to
Redwing Riding School and Livery riders.

Ebony Cup:
Ellie Oakey and Redwing Hamish
Redwing School Rider with most points.

Rainbow Trophy:
Ashleigh Paterson and Bertie
Livery client combination with most points.

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